Thursday, July 31, 2008


Went for a paddle today and my speed was much slower! I took 59.31min to complete my round :(
Should be a few seconds faster because I forgot which button to press haha. But 59 minutes is just unacceptable! I expereinced some discomfort in my left shoulder which contributed to the slower timing. But that means my technique is not correct!

Tried to do more skills with a wing paddle after that horrible session.

1. Cross-over hanging draw
2. Stern Rudder
3. Forward ending Sweep roll
4. C to C roll
5. Cross bow draw

The C to C roll was abit hard cos if the blade angle is slightly off, the blade would just dive. The cross bow draw felt abit odd, but then I havent tried it with a normal paddle.
And oh, cross-over hanging draw is MUCH easier!

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