Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Aid Kit

Here's a pic of my very basic First Aid Kit. This is the kit I carry with me when not coaching at Water-Venture and during my kayak trips.
The box is a sandwich sized Lock & Lock which is waterproof and floats. But I keep it in my dry bag for double protection.

Contents List
1. Sterile Gauze
2. Plasters
3. 3M Transpore tape
4. Roller bandage
5. Antiseptic Cream
6. Forceps
7. Tweezers
8. Alcohol swabs

Maybe I should add in a small bottle of axe oil in case people get sea sickness.

1 comment:

Ray Mickol said...

Good stuff. A simple first aid kit can go a long way. A little first aid training helps too.

Ray Mickol