Monday, July 19, 2010

Official Opening of Marina Bay Promenade

Marina Bay Sands in the background

Decided to be part of the massive clusterfuck at Marina Bay. About a 100 kayaks, 4 dragonboats and 16 sail boats went down to the Marina Bay Promenade area to salute PM Lee and basically just paddle around aimlessly.
It was nice to paddle around inside, but then again, we used to go into that area freely without many problems. It was only after the construction of the Marina Bay Sands that the area was blocked off and became off limits.

Old Clifford Pier

Central Business District in the background

I also was part of an expedition team that escorted some PA big shots into the Singapore River. This was probably the highlight of the trip because I managed to paddle in without having to do the ridiculous amount of paperwork.

Fullerton Hotel

Photos in facebook as usual

Friday, July 16, 2010

Water-Venture (Kallang) Course Forecast

August '10 to May '10


1 Star
14th & 15th
21st & 22nd
28th & 29th

1 Star
4th & 5th
11th & 12th
18th & 25th
19th & 26th

Please Note:
  1. Go to for info on cost.
  2. All courses are open to public, just providing info
  3. Information may be outdated by the time you view this, please check with Water-Venture to confirm

Monday, July 12, 2010

Water-Venture Website revamped

Water-Venture is starting to get their act together and finally revamped their website. Now it looks hip and targeted at the right audience. Youths.
That aside, navigation is also much easier compared to the old design. I feel the best part is having direct links to information about the various outlets and location maps.

Head on down to Water-Venture to see for yourself.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Passing on the teachings of Zen paddling.

Joined Ziyang and some of his friends for a round Ubin trip. However, one of the girls turned up an hour late and it didnt seem possible to complete a round ubin trip.
Instead, we headed over to Ubin for lunch.

After lunch I managed to convince some of the guys and gals to "explore the boundaries of stability" with me. We did some Zen Paddling, my euphemism for monkeying around.
Fong Yee starts off well...

The Force is strong with this one

Not as easy as it looks

There were quite a big group of kayak fishermen today. Spoke to some of them, these guys are quite interesting, they made seat backs and rod holders out of PVC pipes.
Fishfinder guy

Mr. Awesome

One of them even had a fish finder on his inflatable kayak! But the coolest guy of all was the one who rigged a small windsurfing sail onto his kayak. That was just awesome!

Rest of the pics here