Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tunnel vision

Forgot to add in my previous post that after my experimentation session with the wing paddle, I bumped into Charles while washing the kayak. I was washing my touring kayak and he noticed the wing on the ground. He asked who's it was and I pointed to myself. He then replied in a mocking, yet shocked tone, "you use brac 4 with slalom?!"

Yet another coach with a one track mind. To my readers, here's a link to Freya Hoffmeister's blog. She has circumnavigated Iceland and used an Epic wing paddle with her sea kayak for that trip.
Or jump straight to the article written by Freya here
She is sponsored by Epic, but she still chooses to use a wing instead of their euro blades for her expeditions.

Went for my 3rd SIM canoeing training. This time I felt that we were doing it right. Although warm up, still not really warm up. There was a good mix of cardio and strength training. There were 2 newbies this time but fewer people showed up. They're finally starting sea trainings and I will be joining them for the first one this Saturday!

Quite shocked to find out during dinner that they use Bracsa I and II. Those have a bigger blade area and stronger catch compared to the Bracsa IV I use.

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