Monday, December 31, 2007

Greenland style handroll

Check out how this guy does his handroll.
Note the pause before he rolls up and the position that he is in. That position is known as the balance brace position. I don't know for sure, but I think we would be able to float up higher since the buoyancy vest we wear gives us some floatation to float up to the surface.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Learn to walk before you run

A few months ago I successfully completed a hand roll with my right hand. At that time all I had was youtube and a website that had a write up of a hand roll technique with influence from greenland style kayaking.

Using information from the article and videos on youtube, I unconsciously developed a 1 hand, hand roll. Amazing. Unlike other articles which show pictures of the paddler using both hands to provide resistance for the hip flick.

Going along that line, I tried that 1 hand technique for my left side. Or as the americans like to say in the forums I frequent, the "off side". Since the hip flick on my off side is not as powerful as my right, I had difficulty doing a roll.

I was having a chat with David about hand rolling and he mentioned how he needed both hands to do a hand roll. It was then that I had an epiphany. I decided to try a hand roll on my left side with BOTH hands! I tried it and it worked! haha.. a simple solution to my troubles.

Now I can do a hand roll on both sides! Hell yeah!

Hand rolling articles

1 handed roll.

2 handed roll

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Failed 1 Star?

Just completed another 1 Star course, this time at Sarimbun. The course was conducted for 14 scouts from Swiss Cottage Secondary and they're attitudes are horrible! They take incredibly long to get work done and we barely have enough time to cover the skills. Worse still, the second day was cut short by foul weather.
Well, I guess it serves them right that they couldn't complete the course and will have to come back another day.

This is a first for me. At least now I'll know how to handle courses if the participants are unable to complete the requirements.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alternative rescue techniques

The common rescue techniques taught are,
  1. TX Rescue
  2. Rafted TX Rescue
  3. Eskimo Bow
  4. Eskimo Paddle
I believe that we should learn more techniques, just in case.

Below are videos of the Bow Roll and Hand of God rescue.

  1. Fast set up, just grab victim's bow
  1. Might be difficult with rounded hulls (eg. bandits, dancers)

  1. Can be used after failed positioning for Eskimo bow rescue
  2. Fast set up, just get alongside victim's kayak
  1. Might have problem if victim is bigger
  2. Failed attempt leads to victim falling back into water, possibly when gasping for air
Personally, I feel that the Eskimo paddle rescue is quite dangerous, especially when you have panicky victims. Even if the victim has 2 Star certification, it is risky since the natural tendency is to grab your hand as you lead theirs to the paddle shaft.
And it doesn't end there, with the paddles across, the distance between the 2 kayaks are very short, there is a possibility of the victim hitting his head on your kayak as he rolls himself up.