Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4 Star Sea

Heard there's gonna be a 4 Star course from 14th-17th Feb next year. Too bad its just before my exams. Will have to give it a miss. School just sucks. The exams always clash with something.

If anyone is interested, contact Water-Venture (Changi). Heard the cost is $580.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Solo Sunrise

Read some of Wai Meng's posts on twodegreesnorth regarding a dawn paddle. Sounds interesting. Intend to try it out in December.
Tentatively, I've set the date for Wednesday, the 10th of Dec. Will take bus 82 to Punggol end at 6am and do a solo round Ubin from there.

Chance Meeting

Was shocked to see David Wong in the trainer's room at Water-Venture Kallang. He took over Stanley's 2 Star course.
Haven't seen him in quite a long time...

Monday, November 17, 2008


My shoulders are stiff and hurt a little. Had some discomfort while conducting a 1 Star course on Sunday.
Maybe Im not suited for marathons? Will give it one more go at the Singapore Canoe Marathon in January. Probably go back to leisure paddling afterwards. The trainings are just taking up too much of my time. Havent even got the chance to use my Feathercraft for a long distance journey yet.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Black flagged

I am feeling very disappointed and angry.

Disappointed because my timing for the Round Ubin Kayak Race was 2:43:47, thats really damn slow and did not acheive my desired 2:30:00 timing.

Angry because my timings during training have been magically improving every single time I hit the water. But due to a lack of rest I have been getting headaches when I exert myself. I first experienced this on Friday when I felt weak after paddling 1 triangle in Kallang.
It was worse today. I barely paddled 8km before I felt weak.
Also got cramps in my buttocks and a stiff shoulder which made paddling an agony.

Feels like all the effort spent training 3 times a week was nullified by 1.5 wks of late nights doing bloody school assignments just before the race. Mostly angry because of this. Its like being black flagged at the last lap.