Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This time, canoeing training was not that strenous on the muscles but seemed to focus more on cardio. We had to run round a track and I could feel that burning sensation in my chest and stitch that I always get when I run. Luckily the stitch went away after a while. But I just cant stand that burn in my chest, damn it. My mind is still fresh but my body just cant take it. Must really look like I chao keng because I dont look tired after my heart rate lowers.
Seriously need to work on my cardio fitness.
But, I disagree with the training method leh. Training that time cannot laugh. I thought the whole point of training in a group is to make it fun. Then the guy leading training has an elitist attitude. Saying things like "if you fall out now you are a loser" and "go away I dont want to see you" when someone couldnt take it anymore.Group trainings are perfect for supporting each other, but that certainly isn't supportive at all.

On another note, I would like to thank some awesome paddlers. They are Enric, Jun Bin and Yong Hui for sharing their knowledge. Especially to Jun Bin and Yong Hui for helping someone you've never even met.

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