Sunday, March 28, 2010

Round Ubin on a hot day

Went round ubin with Huanda and Ziyang today. The sun was scorching! Luckily there was wind to cool us down.
Having an "energy stick"

The trip went smoothly until we reached OBS when the wind picked up and we had to paddle through a headwind. Damn torturing. We were also going against the current to make things worse. We did make good time on the northern side though. Following winds and sea made it really enjoyable.

Huanda having cramps!

More pics available here

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oakley Radar Field Report

Ask any sports person to name one brand of sunglasses and they're sure to say "Oakley". Go into specific models and they'll most likely say, the Oakley Radar. The latest and most hip model now may be the Jawbone, but the Radar is still a classic.

Spots on the lens

I own an Oakley Radar and have been using it for cycling as well as kayaking. As you can see from the pics, there are spots on the lens. The polarising filter is shrinking from the sides of the lens and tearing apart. It gets worse everytime the sunglasses come into contact with seawater. It was fairly tolerable at first, but now its starting to get annoying with so many spots. I rinse them after every use, so I dont see whats the problem.

The only time I've ever had problems like this was when I bought swimming goggles with polarising filters. Those were cheap $30 googles. But its such a disappointment for a pair of $300 sunglasses.

Polarised lenses are supposed to really aid in cutting the glare from sunlight reflecting off the water while doing sea sports, but after this experience, I will not buy a polarised Oakley for such a purpose.

Monday, March 15, 2010

3 Star Course at SCF

3 Star Kayaking course
Date: 3rd,4th,10th,11th April 2010
Venue : Kallang Water Sports Centre
For more information please email :, Lim JunPing

Friday, March 12, 2010

Paddling in reservoirs


Reservoirs have been open up for watersports sometime back and members of the public can rent sit-on-top kayaks for a leisurely paddle. Unlike in most other areas, you do not require any certification to paddle in reservoirs if you use the sit-on-tops. This makes it a perfect activity for families who would like to spend an hour on the water on a Sunday morning.

However, these reservoirs are also provide perfect conditions for flatwater racing and competitive canoeing and dragonboat teams flock to them. This can be nerve wrecking for other users on the water, happy to just float around. Having fast moving racing crafts speeding by and yelling for you to get out of their way might just spoil that serene Sunday morning that families were hoping for.

So I suggest giving the outlet a call and asking them if the time you intend to paddle coincides with training times and if its too crowded, to give paddling a miss all together.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bring Your Own Kayak

Found yet another source for easily transportable boats in Singapore.

Its a whitewater design, built with fiberglass and isnt recommended for whitewater. From the looks of it, it'll be great for people who just wanna float around in reservoirs or do some flatwater playboating, but I seriously doubt you will want to do some long distance paddling in it.

Looks like Peter Chai is testing it in their videos.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcoming Trip

Date: 27-28 March 2010

14.1km expedition from Water-Venture (Sembawang) to Water-Venture (Pasir Ris) on 27 March.
Overnight stay and sumptious BBQ dinner at Pasir Ris.
14.1km return trip to Water-Venture (Sembawang) on 28 March.

Price: $30 (WV member), $40 (Non-member)
Pre-requisite: 1 Star Award
Deadline: 14 March 2010

Payment at Water-Venture (Sembawang), 57 Jalan Mempurong S759057.

At only 14km per way, this trip might be too short or too slow for more experienced or fitter paddlers. Seeing as how a 22km round ubin trip can be done in 4 hours, experienced paddlers might want to try doing the route in a single day on their own.
However, this would be a great and relatively cheap opportunity for less experienced paddlers to try going out of Water-Venture's imaginary safety zone.

2 full day kayak rental costs $12 x 2 =$24, so participants are effectively paying only $6 for the BBQ and lodging at Water-Venture Pasir Ris.

My thoughts? Go for the cheap BBQ and chance to socialise, not if you want a challenge.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Folbot in Singapore

Was browsing around and discovered Speedmatrix the company that brings in foldable bicycles like Dahon is also selling Folbot. Prices are abit steep, but still cheaper than Feathercraft.
Another alternative for Singaporean paddlers.