Friday, October 29, 2010

Level 1 Coaching Checklist

Here's the L1 coaching checklist that Water-Venture uses to grade L1 trainees for all those aspiring coaches out there.

Page 1

Page 2

Monday, October 25, 2010

Paddles for sale

Passing on an email from another avid paddler who is selling his paddles.
Please contact him directly at the number provided if you are interested.
Hi paddlers!

I'm looking for new owners for my 215cm Werner ikelos and 220cm
Waterstick, both 2-piece paddles for sea touring. I just got myself
another Ikelos at 205cm because I prefer short paddles and it's really
one of the best you can get. The Waterstick is my first paddle and it
has been a spare pair for a long while.

Am selling at $500 and $200 respectively, pictures and test/demo
sessions out at sea are all available. Do email/sms me for details if
interested, thanks.


Monday, October 4, 2010


Serangoon Buoy

Went for a really relaxing paddle to Punggol jetty and back. One of the few times I've gone on such a slow relaxing trip.
Small group as usual, this time consisting of Huanda, Thongleng and Joyce.

Thongleng and Huanda

Trying to act young

Had lunch on Punggol jetty and the water around the area was covered with a layer of oil. Unfortunately, the ice cream uncle was not there today, so we could not buy any ice cream :(

We headed to Coney Island after lunch to basically fool around on the kayaks and once again, I tried to impart the art of Zen paddling. There we found a dead wild boar and I bravely/foolishly went to take a photo with its stinking carcass.

Balancing act

Wild boar

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