Friday, December 2, 2011

Water-Venture Pasir Ris Walkabout

Water-Venture Pasir Ris is located at 125 Elias Road. There is only one bus service that plys that route and the frequency can be quite slow at around 20minutes or so.
To get there, you can take bus service 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange and alight after the roundabout in Pasir Ris Park.
Personally, I prefer to cycle there from my home in Hougang.

Water-Venture Pasir Ris offers sportclimbing, sailing and kayaking courses. What I like about this outlet is that it is very spacious! Lots of space.
Lots of open space in the storage area

Sailing boat storage
Kayak Storage

Drying rack, equipment store is the room behind the drying rack


Washing bay

Outdoor classrooms

Demarcated area for 1 Star paddlers as per Water-Venture rules

Not picture is the 2nd floor where there are even more classrooms equipped with air con.
Aside from the space, the other good thing about the Pasir Ris outlet is that the beach is usually empty. There may be some people playing in the sand and fishermen on the breakwater, but there are no hordes who you have to share the space with.
You practically have the whole place to yourself. Unless of course, there's a sailing course :)

Downside of the place is that the beach is about 100m away from the outlet. So its quite a walk. But the club does provide trolleys that hold up to 6 kayaks at a time!

Contact Information and Operation Hours
125 Elias Road 519926
Phone: 6582 4796
Fax: 6581 5781
Operating Hours: 09:30 - 18:00
Payment Hours: 09:30 - 17:00
Last Rental: 15:00 


clarissa said...

Hi Kenneth

I intend to cycle down to PA Water Venture for my kayaking course as well.

Read from your article that you ride down from your home in Hougang.

I'm worried about bike parking though. I have a bike lock but are there any dedicated bike parking areas in the compound?

Wanderlust said...

Hi Clarissa, one of the perks of being a trainer with PA is that I get to keep my bicycle in their storeroom.

There are no dedicated bike parking areas in the compound. Most paddlers park their bikes behind the equipment store or next to the garbage bins.

I would advice parking behind the equipment store. Pretty much everyone parks their bicycles there.

Hope you have fun during your course!

clarissa said...

Thanks Kenneth

I'll park my bike behind the equipment store then. :)

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