Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just a small time paddler in Jurong Lake

Just came back from a kayaking try-out session at Water-Venture Jurong Lake. The great thing about these sort of events is that it is that there is basically no committment involved. I show up, do a quick brief and it is pretty much just babysitting for the rest of the session.
Free and easy.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Back to Pandan Reservoir

Went back to Pandan Reservoir at 14A Penjuru Road after an absence of a couple of years. Really hot weather, thankfully it was windy. Pandan Reservoir is under the care of the Singapore Canoe Federation. However, they have outsourced the running of the place to X-Current.

It is a reservoir, but due to the openess of the area, it is very windy and there are waves big enough to do some light surfing. Not really condusive for beginners to learn since the water is choppy.

 It's a pontoon launch only area which may be intimidating for newbies. The main pontoon area is well maintained and in very good condition, however, the extension is pretty unstable and is not in really great condition.

 There's a nice urban view and lots of open space. It isn't really cramped and crowded because the folks there are mainly canoe polo players who practice in the confined area. One good thing about the place is that there's free parking. However, those folks using public transport may find it inconvenient to reach the place.

Personally, I won't mind coming here for leisure paddling but it's because I have my own transport and I am confident with the windy and choppy conditions.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Reservoir Discovery Series 2014 - Kallang

After an enjoyable day of paddling for the 1st leg in the PA Water-Venture's Reservoir Discovery Series at Jurong Lake, I just confirmed my participation in another leg of PA Water-Venture's Reservoir Discovery Series at Kallang!

Check out my write up "Water-Venture Kallang Walkabout" if you've never been there.

Those who are driving may wish to park their cars at the Kampong Bugis carpark across the river. You just have to cross a small bridge and walk a little to reach Water-Venture Kallang.

Noticed a blog with a write up on the Jurong Lake leg of the RDS 2014 as well on A Winsome Life and saw a pic of myself :) It's not often that I get my picture taken while paddling.

Monday, June 2, 2014

A test of patience.

Took over a batch of kids doing 1 star on Saturday that really tested my patience. Never enjoyable to teach some kids. These kids are usually uninterested in the activity and forced to attend the course as part of the school curriculum or to get some badge for their CCA.
This time, myself and another coach identified the weaker students and I tried my best to clear those that were able to.
I ended up with a group that consisted of a boy so scared of leaving shore, he would just sit in the kayak. He turned out just fine and was just a needy kid who wanted attention on him all the time. Sometimes, it really annoys me as a coach not to be able to engage all participants.

At least it was a nice sunny day and I learnt something from a fellow coach who is now an OBS instructor. Did some research and it turned out to be The Learning Zone Model.

Also got to take this photo.