Friday, July 25, 2008

Best I can afford

I really really can't justify spending $800 for the Epic paddle. Even if its the best paddle in the world, spending so much money just doesn't feel right for me.

My final choice is ONNO Paddles. It is a one man show and the guy selling the paddle to you is the guy who actually makes it. Sorta like a cottage industry. He makes the paddles individually by hand.

The design is basically a Epic rip off, but I think the ferrule system is unique. The shaft length and feather angle are adjustable.

Will be getting a carbon/glass composite blade with 205cm-215cm adjustment and will be requesting that the blade tips be reinforced.
Here's what the blade looks like.

Reviews say this blade has a strong dihedral, which would explain why they never flutter. But other high end blades tend to lose the dihedral in favour of smoother strokes.

Oh well, I'll take a gamble for this one. Besides, its US$250, much cheaper than the Epic or Werner.

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