Monday, October 7, 2013

NTU ODAC 1 Star Course 5-6 October 2013

Finally went back to Water-Venture Pasir Ris to conduct a 1 Star course over the weekend. Been a long.. time since I've been back there.

Was suprised to see the previously regimental and hard core group of coaches now embracing new coaching techniques, which are more fun and interesting.
Hopefully it leads them to be more open to new and/or alternative techniques of paddling instead of sticking to ridiculously outdated coaching methods.
Was pleasantly suprised when they were encouraged to wear their own PFDs and try out various kinds of paddles.

Well, back to my 1 Star course. It was a pretty small group of 6, so things went pretty smoothly. Pretty funny group, they mentioned how the kayaks reminded them of crab sticks and sausages. Never thought about the kayaks that way...

 Cheating during rafting up