Saturday, August 2, 2008


Had an embarassing day today. During my first SIM sea training, we were made to do a few sets sprinting starts. 5 power strokes and 20 paddle strokes.
My shoulder came loose at this point and I shrugged it off, thinking it would go already. I managed to endure the shoulder discomfort and paddle 8km on Thursday so I didnt think I would matter much.
However, when we were made to paddle about 4km around kallang, which would take me approx. 30min, my shoulder decided to pop out of its socket! I couldn't lift my arm. After a bit of massaging, it more or less fell back into place but was abit stiff and the joint felt like a ratchet. Damn, the last time something like this was quite a while ago.
Shoulder was sore till evening and now it feels much better. Will still be going down to Kallang tmr to play with the K1s but will be taking it easy.

Junsheng also worked on my forward stroke. All along I have been throttling the paddle but apparently, the competitive paddlers dont do that. How then do they overcome the feather angle? Do they rotate the paddle with every stroke? Change master hand on each side? Just dont see how it can be more efficient. Unfortunately, this is where experience is no good since I've already formed habits which will be hard to change.

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