Monday, March 17, 2014

1st long distance paddle for 2014!

Went on a paddling trip with the Dunman High ODAC. 17 kayaks launched off from Changi beach at 8.30am.
One of the kids did not turn up and I ended up paddling a double kayak alone.

 My kayak, which consisted of spare lifevests, spare paddles, canned drinks and fruits.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

World Water Day 2014 at Water-Venture Jurong Lake

Played my part at World Water Day 2014 by helping out at Water-Venture Jurong Lake. Wayang for DPM Tharman and free kayaking try-outs. This year, the minister actually walked all the way into the launch area to see the kayaking.

Had to wake up ridiculously early and report by 7am. Unfortunately, I overslept and only reached at 7.30. But this is what I saw upon arrival.
Awesome right? One of the perks of getting up early.

The place was packed in the morning and it was pretty hectic, but it soon slowed down after 11am. Mostly just sat around and helped people launch and recover the kayaks.

Full album here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Kayaking trips with Water-Venture (Pasir Ris) in 2014

This is great for paddlers who want to clock some journeys for their 3 Star Kayaking Award. Round ubin is a great day trip for moderately fit paddlers. $30 may be a bit pricey since it would usually only cost half that to rent a kayak for a whole day and paddle round Pulau Ubin on your own.
However, you are paying for a powerboat escort for these trips.

Great for first timers to get a feel for the route before setting off on their own in future.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kayaking Orientation for Hapag-Lloyd at Jurong Lake

According to the club's records, I haven't been to Jurong Lake/Chinese Gardens since 2011! My my... How time flies.

Spent some time with a really nice group of people from Hapag-Llyod today. Quite pleasantly suprised to see the ladies interested in the activity were not too worried about getting a tan or lifting the heavy boats.