Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diagnosis and a huge investment

After reading up more information over the internet, I have a rough idea what cause the pain in my shoulder which eventually led it to pop.
I haven't really been using a proper torso rotation, "shouldering" my strokes instead. That is to say, I have been moving only my shoulders which gives the illusion of a torso rotation.
Now that the problem has been identified, I need to focus on correcting it.

I've also made a huge investment. I bought a Feathercraft Big Kahuna. Abit worried about the larger cockpit, but more space in the kayak would be welcome. I like a nice fitting kayak, but leg room is great. Which is why I dont like the Perception Dancer.
Will be getting it 2nd hand from a fellow paddler who is throwing in alot of accessories and even a paddle. He wanted to include his PFD too but he is a big guy and I definately won't fit into it.
Total damage? $3500. Reasonable especially since a brand new kayak without upgrades costs $4800.
His comes with the new upgraded coaming, front and rear hatches and bracing bars which would up the price to $5000+

Oh, and the best thing? Its red to match my PFD and dry bag. Hehe.

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