Monday, August 18, 2008

Conflicting Information

During yesterday's test paddle of my Feathercraft Big Kahuna, I met Ee Tuck, a flatwater coach who was paddling in a K1. I spoke to him about the racing forward stroke. He shared some tips on the appropriate length to adjust the footrest, how much to kick when paddling and wrist motion when doing the forward stroke.
I noticed he does a throttling motion with the wrists cocked back, so I brought up the subject and he says you need to do it to overcome the feathering.

Olympic medalist and a flatwater coach have shown that the wrists have to be cocked back. Maybe I misunderstood Junsheng?

According to Derek Hutchinson the only way you don't have to cock the wrists is if you are using a 90 degree feather angle. But those racing paddles are 75-80 degrees if I remember correctly.

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