Monday, April 4, 2016

Water-Venture Changi Walkabout

Made my way down to Water-Venture Changi after avoiding the place for many years due to the coaches and staff there that subscribe to Frederick Taylor's "one best way" ideology of doing things. And of course, no prizes for you if you guessed that their way is always the best way :p

But things have changed... Staff have been replaced/relocated, coaches have been scattered, although some remain.

Anyway... This outlet is the favourite of many paddlers because of its proximity to Changi Village and all that delicious food! No parking within the premises, but there's a parking lot just next to the outlet.

The outlet is pretty old and if I recall correctly, this is the oldest outlet, having been an adventure club previously. The place isn't as nice as the Pasir Ris or the Passion Wave outlets and the layout is pretty weird with vest and paddles at one end of the outlet and boats on the totally opposite side.

Lockers and showers are located next to the boat area. While toilets are located separately next to the office.
As I said, the layout here is weird.

The nice thing about WV Changi is that it has these open showers to rinse off before heading out for lunch if you're doing a full day of paddling so you dont feel sticky with salt water or have a crusty layer of salt as you dry.

A standard boat washing area with ample space for a small group to quickly wash up and move about without bumping into each other.

Personally, I don't really fancy the place because the facilities are old and Changi beach front is full of fishermen, swimmers and families building sandcastles and what not. It's so crowded.
If you try to avoid them and go to the left, you end up at the river mouth where bum boats head towards Ubin and Desaru. To far right, and you reach SAF Changi Ferry Terminal and might get prosecuted for trespassing.

Contact Information and Operation Hours
285 Nicoll Drive Changi Point 498988
Phone: 6545 1140
Fax: 6545 8897

Club Operating Hours: 09:30 - 18:00
Last Rental: 15:00
Water activities Operating Hours: 09:30 – 17:00
Payment Hours: 09:30 – 17:00

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