Monday, March 21, 2016

Paddling to Singapore's very own Blue Lagoon! (Lazarus Island)

This is a long overdue post from my trip back in early January. Starting off from Sentosa with a bunch of sea scouts, we set off towards Lazarus Island to enjoy some time in the famous Blue Lagoon.
As we were waiting for everyone to arrive, I spotted this peacock up in a tree! A good omen to start off the day.
It was a nice sunny day with emerald green water. Conditions were pretty decent, nothing too difficult to handle.

We had pretty inexperienced paddlers with us and decided to disembark from the jetty instead of paddling around the entire Lazarus Island. Coming up from the jetty was quite a challenge as it was quite high up. Fortunately, there were ladders.  However, while we saved time paddling around the entire island it also meant that we had to portage our boats over to the Blue Lagoon.

 Group photo of the entire paddling group which consisted of Sea Scouts from SP Sabre Rovers and Southern Waves Sea Scouts.

More photos on here.

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