Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kayaking Pulau Ubin Mangrove via Sungei Puaka

There are a few new versions of the map of Pulau Ubin since my last trip there donkey years ago. The extra detail along in the newer maps along with my usual route along the Ketam bike trail being blocked by overgrowth and fallen trees led to the discovery of a new route to cut through the Ubin mangroves!

Looking at our tracks, you can see we did quite a bit of backtracking along the Ketam bike trail and quite a bit at the beginning of the really long straight route.
Seems that quite a number of coaches are now not only aware of my Ketam bike trail route, they have also gone through it. 
Not bad... barely anyone believed that the route existed years ago, treating me like some blasphemer with ridiculous claims of an Ubin mangrove route that didn't require a single portage, or requiring less than 10min to paddle to cut through Ubin.

After several dead ends and paddling through a really narrow path, everyone was ecstatic when we managed to see the horizon! Still remember the doubtful looks when we hit a dead end long the narrow straight path. Thankfully, it was just a small bund and a very simple portage over.

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Daryl said...

Hi! I am interested in cutting through Pulau Ubin through Sungei Puaka.. What is the tide level when you kayaked through Sungei Puaka? Is it easy to kayak through Sungei Puaka?