Monday, November 14, 2011

Kayaking Ubin Mangroves with new friends

A friend of mine just completed his 2 star course a few weeks back and so we decided to go on a short journey.

Why did the paddler cross the road?

The river mouth

He invited 2 friends along so we made the trip with a total of 4 paddlers including myself. Starting from Water-Venture Pasir Ris, we headed over to the southern end of Ubin and entered the mangroves from the MCC Ubin Resort side. Took us 4hrs to complete the journey which is a decent amount of time for newbies to complete 14km in Perception Dancers.

The erosion was quite bad. Compared to the first time I used this route, the river has widened significantly. The width of the river used to only be one boat length wide, but it has now doubled.

Maneuvering between the trees

Sometimes it can feel like you're a pinball bouncing off the trees

Apparently, this is a secret fishing spot for locals


Rest of the pics here

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