Friday, December 2, 2011

Public Service Sports Carnival at Marina Barrage

The view at 7.15am from the middle of Marina Reservoir

Helped out in the water sports try out booth by Water-Venture at the Public Service Sports Carnival on the 26th of November.
There was dragonboating and kayaking. There was quite a number of people coming to paddle, which I honestly didn't expect.

Dragonboats, kayaks and the Singapore flyer

Father/son team

I like to do events like this because its I get to do things that normally arent allowed. In this case, there are normally no kayak rentals at the Marina Barrage and paddlers arent even allowed to paddle past the row of yellow buoys placed infront of the Marina Barrage.
But because of this event, our paddling area was on the inside of the "out-of-bounds" area. Nice and windy over there.

One of the trainers found a terrapin

LinkBrining the terrapin farther out because it kept crashing into the pontoon

Rest of the pictures here

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