Thursday, November 10, 2011

Water-Venture Bedok Reservoir

Main entrance

Went down to Water-Venture's Bedok Reservoir for the first time today to conduct orientation programmes. Quite a nice place and it takes about 45minutes to travel there from my home.

I like the fact that the launch site for the recreational boats and the racing kayaks are separate. No issue of helpless newbie paddlers getting in the way of racers and being yelled at.

There's a mix of sit on top kayaks which dont require certification and sit inside kayaks that require certification.

SOTs, Bandits, Dancers, etc

There's a small "lounge" area with only picnic benches. Facilities include lockers, 1 changing room with a showerhead where you can rinse down and a watercooler.
Lounge area

Smaller personal lockers

Equipment store and group lockers

Changing room

Demarcated area

Ridiculously rocky launch site

The downside is the launch site is ridiculously rocky and covered with mimosa. There is a pontoon, but apparently PUB doesnt allow it to be used for launching kayaks. I have no idea why, but it seems quite stupid.


Unknown said...

Hi there, I'm a 1-star kayaker and i intend to remain 1 star and i was wondering if the demarcated area for 1 star kayaker is the blue area in the picture? I can't really see the words on the blue area due to the glare.
And what is considered certified paddler? 1 star kayaker?

Wanderlust said...

Hi! If I recall correctly, the area in blue should be open to 1 star paddlers.

A non-certified paddler is someone without at least 1 star. Mostly these people will use the sit-on-top kayaks.

They do split the area between 1 star and 2 star paddlers. Best to go down and check with the staff if there are any changes before heading into the water. I haven't been there in years.