Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcoming Trip

Date: 27-28 March 2010

14.1km expedition from Water-Venture (Sembawang) to Water-Venture (Pasir Ris) on 27 March.
Overnight stay and sumptious BBQ dinner at Pasir Ris.
14.1km return trip to Water-Venture (Sembawang) on 28 March.

Price: $30 (WV member), $40 (Non-member)
Pre-requisite: 1 Star Award
Deadline: 14 March 2010

Payment at Water-Venture (Sembawang), 57 Jalan Mempurong S759057.

At only 14km per way, this trip might be too short or too slow for more experienced or fitter paddlers. Seeing as how a 22km round ubin trip can be done in 4 hours, experienced paddlers might want to try doing the route in a single day on their own.
However, this would be a great and relatively cheap opportunity for less experienced paddlers to try going out of Water-Venture's imaginary safety zone.

2 full day kayak rental costs $12 x 2 =$24, so participants are effectively paying only $6 for the BBQ and lodging at Water-Venture Pasir Ris.

My thoughts? Go for the cheap BBQ and chance to socialise, not if you want a challenge.


respublica174 said...

hey kenneth, this is jay. I would like to know where I can rent a kayak to kayak at Marina Bay sands or other places. How much would it cost to rent one for one day.


Wanderlust said...

There are no operators in front of Marina Bay Sands itself.

However, kayaks can be rented from the People's Association Water-Venture (Kallang).
However, they do not allow paddlers without a 2 Star certification to go past the Benjamin Shears Bridge, so you will not be able to go to the Marina Bay Sands area.

If reservoirs are your thing. You may consider Lower Seletar Reservoir and Jurong Lake. These are also run by Water-Venture.
Jurong lake is quite small though.

Rates can be found at

If you are confident to paddle in the sea, you may consider Advenutre Paddlers in Pasir Ris park.

Sea expeditions of South East Asia or SecSea has kayaks on Pulau Ubin and in Changi.

Kayaks are also available at Macritchie Reservoir, but I would not recommend it due to overcrowding. The place is swarming with competitive paddlers and having them zip around constantly may be quite a spoiler to an otherwise pleasant time on the water.