Friday, March 12, 2010

Paddling in reservoirs


Reservoirs have been open up for watersports sometime back and members of the public can rent sit-on-top kayaks for a leisurely paddle. Unlike in most other areas, you do not require any certification to paddle in reservoirs if you use the sit-on-tops. This makes it a perfect activity for families who would like to spend an hour on the water on a Sunday morning.

However, these reservoirs are also provide perfect conditions for flatwater racing and competitive canoeing and dragonboat teams flock to them. This can be nerve wrecking for other users on the water, happy to just float around. Having fast moving racing crafts speeding by and yelling for you to get out of their way might just spoil that serene Sunday morning that families were hoping for.

So I suggest giving the outlet a call and asking them if the time you intend to paddle coincides with training times and if its too crowded, to give paddling a miss all together.

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