Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oakley Radar Field Report

Ask any sports person to name one brand of sunglasses and they're sure to say "Oakley". Go into specific models and they'll most likely say, the Oakley Radar. The latest and most hip model now may be the Jawbone, but the Radar is still a classic.

Spots on the lens

I own an Oakley Radar and have been using it for cycling as well as kayaking. As you can see from the pics, there are spots on the lens. The polarising filter is shrinking from the sides of the lens and tearing apart. It gets worse everytime the sunglasses come into contact with seawater. It was fairly tolerable at first, but now its starting to get annoying with so many spots. I rinse them after every use, so I dont see whats the problem.

The only time I've ever had problems like this was when I bought swimming goggles with polarising filters. Those were cheap $30 googles. But its such a disappointment for a pair of $300 sunglasses.

Polarised lenses are supposed to really aid in cutting the glare from sunlight reflecting off the water while doing sea sports, but after this experience, I will not buy a polarised Oakley for such a purpose.


eyeoptix said...

I thought Oakley Sunglasses come with a hydrophobic coating that resists water, skin oils, and dirt. Hmmmmm....

Wanderlust said...

I thought so too but this cant be a fake because it was sponsored by Oakley.

Anonymous said...

same thing happen to my Oakley Minute years back...used it on dive trips (not underwater but journey on the sea etc).....took it down to Oakley but can't claim warranty as they claimed contact with sea water etc...crapz!

Wanderlust said...

Would be quite interesting to see someone wear Oakleys underwater!

Its ridiculous that the warranty doesnt cover exposure to seawater. Polarized lenses are supposed to cut glare reflecting off water!