Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walk-in participants

Met up with Huanda and Ziyang at Pasir Ris yesterday. We planned to paddle round Seletar Island which would be about 26km. However we met 2 paddlers at the club and Huanda invited them to join us. Unfortunatley, they were slow compared to us and I decided not to go further after reaching Punggol Jetty.
They were out to have fun and having them chase us all the way to Seletar Island would definitely not be fun for them. So we chilled out on Punggol jetty. One of the guys said you can buy ice cream there. I thought he was joking, but he walked off and returned with ice cream and 100plus! Was quite interesting.

We then went on to Coney Island to take some pics and practice our skills before heading back. Although we didn't manage to complete the 26km, the 2 guys were quite funny and interesting. They made good company and the trip was actually quite enjoyable.

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