Monday, July 20, 2009


Just did a kayak orientation at Water-Venture Kallang on Sunday with 2 other trainers. Quite unhappy with the way things went.
One of the instructors is a trainee who has been putting off taking his assessment since he did the L1 coaching course in 2007 and the other trainer is ignorant and proud of it. The trainee established his presence from the beginning and took charge. He began the session by getting the participants to carry all the equipment to the beach.
This was the trainee's 1st KOP and he wanted to do the theory part so after carrying stuff around he gave a theory session that lasted 30 minutes! There was constant use of jargon, talk about hull shapes, etc. Being 6 hours long, this KOP session is twice as long as usual but I dont see the need for so much talk. He also gave the usual ill informed canoe vs kayak explanation.

That wasn't the main issue though. When discussing about teaching rescues, I suggested showing the participants a rafted TX rescue. I was then treated like a blasphemer. The trainee went on to say how its almost impossible to do a rafted TX rescue with a tandem kayak and how we should use the H rescue. Was then told by the other trainer that a TX rescue will snap the boat in half.
From past experience, the "H" rescue usually ends up as a "N" or "Z" rescue after the boats get pushed around by wind and waves. Also annoying how the 2 rescuers are fighting against each other as they try to pull the victims bow/stern onto their respective decks.
Later on, while actually demonstrating the rescue, he told the rescuers to do a "see-saw" motion after lifting the victims kayak. From my understanding, in a "H" rescue you just lift up the capsized kayak and water flows out on its own due to the boat design. No need to do a "see-saw".

Later on as the session was ending, the other 2 trainers talked to the participants about the certification courses and told them the usual PA Water-Venture propaganda. No rentals without 1 star, no crossing of channels without 2 star, etc.
The one that really took the cake was the trainee telling them that if you're 1 star certified, you do the rafted TX rescue and only 2 star certified paddlers do the TX rescue.

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Wolfie said...

Wow, I'm flabbergasted. It's frightening to know that Waterventure coaches are so idiotic nowadays.

Paddling as a sport is going downhill with these type of people posing as instructors. It's really sad. Too bad I don't have time or opportunity to mentor new trainees. Now that WV coaches would bother with me...