Friday, July 17, 2009

Virgin whitewater trip

Just returned from a whitewater paddling trip on 14-15th July. Went up to Sungkai for this trip to paddle in a grade 2-3 river.
The first day went by very slowly. Started out with drills and other stuff since it was the first time for most of us. We learnt about the safe swimmer position, how to swim across a river and how to jump in. Once that was settled, we got into the boats and played around in the eddy to get used to the boats. We were then taught to ferry glide and eddy in/out.
Personally felt it was dry, but then these are necessary skills.

Things were better on the second day when we did a run down the river. Got the chance to practice whatever we learnt the day before. There was more free play and it definitely felt more fun than the first day.

I did have higher expectations after hearing comments from people who've been on such trips. Guess the stories have been exaggerated a wee bit. Anyone who has a decent roll and quick enough reflexes can have fun.

Durian time!

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