Thursday, May 1, 2008

Speed Demon

Decided to do some long distance training at Kallang today, so I went down and took out a slalom. Hugging the coastline, I paddled one full round around Kallang.

The route was:
PA --->Sheares bridge --->2nd Sheares bridge --->Yellow bouys --->Sheares bridge --->Suspension bridge --->Merdeka bridge --->PA

From what I read in online forums, the distance is more than 10km and I completed the entire round in 57.23min! Awesome... When using a Turbo, it takes me an hour to paddle to the Merlion and back, just by changing the craft I doubled my distance.

However, I still need to work on my technique, I felt a strain in my left arm. Need to utilize the the hip rotation more on the left side.

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