Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Believe it or not!

Here's some interesting things you may not know if you are a kayaker from Water-Venture.
  1. The 2 star cross channel rule is a Water-Venture rule. You do not need 2 Star to cross channel unless you are renting kayaks from Water-Venture, then you obviously have to follow their rules.
    However, it is compulsory to have 1 star if you want to paddle in reservoirs.

  2. The slaloms in Water-Venture aren't really slaloms. Don't know what to call them either, but they are some sort of fibreglass touring boats.
    The picture below shows a slalom.

    Picture by Ofiserinf on Flickr

  3. There are kayaks other than the Bandit, Turbo, Dancer and "Slalom" (:
    A sea kayak and a play boat are shown below.

  4. Paddle blades come in many shapes and sizes. Here' are asymmetric paddle blades for high angle and low angle paddling

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