Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Problem With School Groups

Today will be the final session for yet another group of Hua Yi Secondary students. The school makes it mandatory for the entire Secondary 2 cohort to attend the 1 Star Personal Skill Award. However, this group in particular is quite unfortunate.
The school booked dates that clashes with their mid-year exams. The students had a session that was a day before their first exam paper and another on the day of their last exam paper.
During last weeks disastrous session, only 11 out of 37 registered participants showed up. Im proud to say most of them were from my group (: Maybe like 8 of them.

So the plan would depend on the number of participants who show up. If the 20+ pple do show up, they will have to do rescues which was covered in last week's lesson. On top of that, there are still things in the syllabus we need to cover, such as the classical draw, intro of low support recovery and intro of stern rudder.
If there is a lack of time, they will need to come back another day. Then maybe we can have a new record at Kallang.

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