Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alternative rescue techniques

The common rescue techniques taught are,
  1. TX Rescue
  2. Rafted TX Rescue
  3. Eskimo Bow
  4. Eskimo Paddle
I believe that we should learn more techniques, just in case.

Below are videos of the Bow Roll and Hand of God rescue.

  1. Fast set up, just grab victim's bow
  1. Might be difficult with rounded hulls (eg. bandits, dancers)

  1. Can be used after failed positioning for Eskimo bow rescue
  2. Fast set up, just get alongside victim's kayak
  1. Might have problem if victim is bigger
  2. Failed attempt leads to victim falling back into water, possibly when gasping for air
Personally, I feel that the Eskimo paddle rescue is quite dangerous, especially when you have panicky victims. Even if the victim has 2 Star certification, it is risky since the natural tendency is to grab your hand as you lead theirs to the paddle shaft.
And it doesn't end there, with the paddles across, the distance between the 2 kayaks are very short, there is a possibility of the victim hitting his head on your kayak as he rolls himself up.

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