Friday, December 28, 2007

Learn to walk before you run

A few months ago I successfully completed a hand roll with my right hand. At that time all I had was youtube and a website that had a write up of a hand roll technique with influence from greenland style kayaking.

Using information from the article and videos on youtube, I unconsciously developed a 1 hand, hand roll. Amazing. Unlike other articles which show pictures of the paddler using both hands to provide resistance for the hip flick.

Going along that line, I tried that 1 hand technique for my left side. Or as the americans like to say in the forums I frequent, the "off side". Since the hip flick on my off side is not as powerful as my right, I had difficulty doing a roll.

I was having a chat with David about hand rolling and he mentioned how he needed both hands to do a hand roll. It was then that I had an epiphany. I decided to try a hand roll on my left side with BOTH hands! I tried it and it worked! haha.. a simple solution to my troubles.

Now I can do a hand roll on both sides! Hell yeah!

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1 handed roll.

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