Monday, November 26, 2007

Signed my 1st batch of certificates!

Conducted my first 1 Star course as a full fledged instructor over the recent weekend. Combined the class with a more experienced instructor, Derek. Very laid back kinda guy who is quite open, probably due to his time in NZ while pursuing his degree.
His style is similar to Stanley's and different from the norm. We taught almost everything in the syllabus on the first day, leaving only the classical draw, stern rudder and low support recovery for the 2nd day.

Lesson's learnt?
1. This lesson plan is ideal for spring tides.
2. Be very friendly and open.
3. Praise participants for effort, use words like "awesome" or "well done"
4. Avoid being too army-like
5. New technique to prepare for capsize which involves participants doing dry runs for exiting the kayak on the beach.
6. Alternative technique to get into kayak. Instead of hands on the coaming, hands can be on aft deck of resucer and own kayak, legs in cockpit and push self up onto aft deck of own kayak. Slide into cockpit as per normal.

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