Sunday, November 11, 2007

New coaching experience

Chee Hwa asked me to help conduct an orientation programme for a school camp at Jalan Bahtera MOE on Friday.
So I went down to help and of course, earn some extra cash. $130 for a day's work. A damn good deal!

SOTs were used for the orientation, a first for me. Having only conducted courses for SINKs. I left the morning session to Charles, him being more experienced in both coaching and in local knowledge of the area.
Learnt tactics to deal with SOTs and entertained the participants for 2.5hrs. Basically, only needed to teach forward and reverse paddling, emergency halt and sweep strokes for steering.
Made them do the usual raft up and have everyone stand up on the kayak, plus the popular all-in capsize.
Easy work, with good money...
Chee Hwa said there's quite a demand for kayaking instructors or KIs as they call it there. Hopefully I can teach at MOE Jalan Bahtera at least 4 times a week after I ORD. That's $520 a week and adds up to $2080 a month! KA-CHING$$$

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