Sunday, March 1, 2015

Massive fish deaths in Pasir Ris

Last week I read on the news that AVA was investigating fish deaths at Pasir Ris. Apparently lots of dead fish have been washing ashore.

What I didn't realise was how bad the situation was! This are snippets of what I saw while conducting a class at Pasir Ris beach yesterday.
Not pictured, but also seen washed ashore were plenty of fish and other sea creatures which are poisonous. I spotted bristleworms, scats, catfish, pufferfish and even nudibranchs.

A trainee coach got stung by something while teaching the class and had to leave to get medical attention because he was in pain and having a headache.

I would advise against going to Pasir Ris beach for the time being.

Apparently the part of the beach I was at wasn't so bad because cleaners had already done some cleaning. Check out the post by Wild Shores of Singapore to really see how bad it was.

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