Thursday, December 4, 2014

Taking a back seat

Check out the view!

The 2nd wave of Water-Venture's Reservoir Discovery Series ended last weekend with the final leg being held at Kallang.

Met an old friend and an ex-colleague's husband at the event. What a small world.

I got assigned to assist with the last group, but with a total of 95 participants, that meant I was to wait around for the  late comers. The staff were nice enough to lay out all the kayaks on the beach front. Really appreciate the effort on their part.
Since we were the last group and I was not the group leader, it pretty much became a leisure trip for me too :p

Spotted this interesting sight along the way. Took a series of photos of this particular couple. Can you guess why? :D
Looks like the girl is pretty cross, doesn't it?

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