Friday, October 24, 2014

Project Blue WaVe - Third Wave Event Report

After waiting for quite a long time, I finally got to participate in the Third Wave of Project Blue WaVe at Jurong Lake last Sunday! Had to get up really bright and early to report at 7am!
It was a hazy day with the PSI hitting 104 by the time the event ended!

  The slipway all decked out in Project Blue WaVe posters

 Kian Seng talking about marine conservation on behalf of Waterways Watch Society

I led one group of paddlers to pick up rubbish while having a little tour of Jurong Lake. While some might argue that we did not spend much time picking up rubbish, letting participants see what it is they are trying to protect and conserve is important. Showing them the beauty of the place and how the rubbish is ruining its beauty is more impactful than simply talking about it.

It really is a beautiful place to paddle :)

Barely 15 minutes after we started paddling, I came across a Straited Heron with a broken leg dangling from a tree branch.
I was thinking to myself "Not another one!". Some months ago, I rescued a Straited Heron while leading the Reservoir Discovery Series in Kallang. That bird had its beak tangled in some line.

Thankfully, it was not human rubbish that got the bird stuck this time. I got the bird's broken leg free from the tree branch and wanted to set it onto dry land. Unfortunately, there was a monitor lizard lurking around.

So the bird ended up being transported by Kian Seng who was representing Waterways Watch Society. He contacted ACRES and I later found out Jurong Bird Park ended up with the bird.

Offloading rubbish. There was so much rubbish, we ran out of space in the kayaks!

And here's my very nervous 15 minutes of fame!

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