Monday, June 9, 2014

Back to Pandan Reservoir

Went back to Pandan Reservoir at 14A Penjuru Road after an absence of a couple of years. Really hot weather, thankfully it was windy. Pandan Reservoir is under the care of the Singapore Canoe Federation. However, they have outsourced the running of the place to X-Current.

It is a reservoir, but due to the openess of the area, it is very windy and there are waves big enough to do some light surfing. Not really condusive for beginners to learn since the water is choppy.

 It's a pontoon launch only area which may be intimidating for newbies. The main pontoon area is well maintained and in very good condition, however, the extension is pretty unstable and is not in really great condition.

 There's a nice urban view and lots of open space. It isn't really cramped and crowded because the folks there are mainly canoe polo players who practice in the confined area. One good thing about the place is that there's free parking. However, those folks using public transport may find it inconvenient to reach the place.

Personally, I won't mind coming here for leisure paddling but it's because I have my own transport and I am confident with the windy and choppy conditions.

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