Thursday, April 18, 2013

Water-Venture Kallang Walkabout

Water-Venture Kallang has since closed down. A new outlet named PassionWave @ Marina Bay is located at 11 Rhu Cross.

Water-Venture Kallang is located under the Merdeka Bridge of the Nicoll Highway.

The address is:
4876 Beach Road (S) 199587
Tel: 6296 6683
Fax: 6294 4393

Nearest MRT is Lavender Station, however, it is quite a distance to walk. Drivers may find parking available at a public car park in Kampong Bugis, across the river from the centre.

 Bicycle racks are available right outside the centre.

 Operating hours

 Boat storage shed and washing racks

 Inside the boat storage shed. A little cramp due to limited space under the bridge. Kayaking and dragonboating is available at this centre.
There are open deck kayaks for those without certification to rent. The paddling area here is quite big so it is likely that you can find a nice spot to paddle around without having to worry about getting in the way of dragonboats or other users in the water. 
Paddlers will probably just need to be careful at the launch site as it can be quite narrow.

 Paddles and vest are in the main centre

 Lots of picnic benches available. Water points are available as well, but it is not a water cooler. You will require a bottle or cup.

 Many lockers are available. Small lockers for individuals and big lockers for bigger groups. Definitely advisable to rent a locker here as the place is quite crowded on the weekends. Someone may take your bag away by accident or on purpose.

What I love about this place is that the beach is just a short walk away from the boat shed. No need for trolleys or to carry the kayaks over a long distance.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if(and where) you can rent kayaks or canoes as a non-member? (I don't live in Singapore but would like to canoe there while visiting - I did this in Belgium, France, Norway, Thailand ...)

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