Monday, January 4, 2010

Im back!


First kayak trip in 5 months. Was not able to paddle for such a long time because I was in Europe during autumn/winter.
Still able to paddle comfortably at a decent pace. 45Min was spent eating lunch, so the journey was actually completed in 4hrs 15min.
Companions have improved. Huanda was incredibly tired the last time we tried to complete round Ubin in 4hrs.
Huanda's new toy

Ziyang with his new paddle

Ziyang bought a new Bracsa Hurricane max paddle, the paddle has a very firm catch and feels almost like a wing paddle. He was winded as he was not used to such a strong catch. More initial fitness was required to use the paddle. When I used it, I felt like I could fly. The firm catch allowed more power to be applied and transferred to the stroke. Nice feeling, but might be tiring in longer distances.

Rest of the pics here

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