Thursday, January 14, 2010

Akan Datang

It has long been obvious to most paddlers that kayaking can never accommodate large numbers. 20-40 paddlers in the water would present a logistic nightmare preparing the boats and be a safety hazard with paddlers drifting all over the place.

This is unlike in dragonboating where you can dump 20 kids into one boat and have one helmsman at the back. They take up less space compared to 20 kayaks when moving around and the helmsman has full control of the direction.

Enter the Bellboat. The Singapore Canoe Federation's answer to the dragonboat.

The Bellboat is 9m long and 1.4m wide. Basically it is 2 canoes bolted together to form a catamaran. There is a steering oar at the back, dragonboat style.
Obvious advantage over the dragonboat would be storage as it can be dismantled and Im guessing the weight wise, it will be lighter.
Made of plastic too! Injection moulding shouldnt cost too much and it can come in fancy colours.

More information on the Bellboat can be found here.

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