Monday, April 6, 2009

Water Sports Licensing

Some time last year, Teo Ser Luck suggested a water safety license. No news on that so far.

But SIM has taken matters into their own hands and gone ahead with starting their own version.
From now on, any person joining a watersports club in SIM is required to show proof of ability to swim or take a swimming test.
The test will include:
  1. treading water for 3min
  2. drownproofing for 1minute
  3. swim 50m in any recognised stroke
Personally I am against such a rule because I feel it is the personal responsibility of core members of the various clubs to ensure they are proficient in swimming. Making it compulsory takes away the personal responsibility from people and usually such rules are put in place for an organisation to cover themselves.

Quick shocked to hear the windsurfers saying people might have difficulty treading water for 3min. Dont think its too much to ask from a person doing watersports.
Then there was this weird ODAC guy who was saying that getting the members to know how to swim isnt enough. He suggesting getting the ODAC exco to be trained as lifeguards.
If you are really so concerned about safety, you would have taken it upon yourself to equip yourself with such knowledge. Not wait till now to do ask. Im guessing he probably wants to do it for free or at some subsidized rate.

What I found funny was that the diving club has to go through this test too. Haha.

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