Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance.

Took up a module on marketing some time back. During which I learnt about the consumer buying process. One of the last stages is cognitive dissonance.
Basically its when you regret making that purchase when you realise there's 2 conflicting thoughts in your mind.

Eg. You bought a $1000 Gucci bag and later feel guilty because you also would like to have saved that money.

Likewise, I bought a Feathercraft Kahuna and now I regret the purchase. I've used it a grand total of 3 times since I bought it and in the process damaged the hatch rim.


Find it a hassle to dry before packing it up. I dont drive and bring that humongous thing around by bus. Washing up at home is also a chore.

Plan to use it a few more times after my diploma and then sell it off by September where I would hopefully be at the Kandersteg International Scout Center in Switzerland as a short term staff.


Wolfie said... many times do you expect to use it every year when you were considering the purchase? Truth to tell, I expect to use it once or twice a year only. To be realistic, a working adult's life doesn't leave people much time for paddling trips, and it's pointless to do day trips often in foldables because of the hassle involved.

Sad to hear that you might be giving it up...but let me know if you really are selling...I might just persuade my missus to let me get it for her if she finds the price ok!

Wanderlust said...

Once or twice a year?
I was expecting once or twice a month!

The bicycle is also partially to blame. I've been pedalling more than paddling.

Wolfie said...

wow....1-2 times a month...that's a lot. Personally Singapore coastline is already too boring for me to go out paddling and doing day trips, so the hassle isn't worth it...

Greg said...

If you'll be in Kandersteg, you will not be too far away from Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. They might be places to try doing some kayaking if you have spare time. Kayaking in fresh water will make it easier to clean the boat up afterwards as well.