Monday, February 16, 2009

Round 1 Fight!

Helped Cher to coach the first session of a 1 Star course for Bukit Panjang Govt High. The kids were a handful. They consisted of a bunch of Sec 1 boys trying to get into the school canoeing team and 6 NCC boys.
During the swim test, Cher got the boys to take off the lifevest and swim. Higher standard for future competitive canoeists? Non-swimmers were told to stay on shore and weak swimmers were identified and given until the next session to at least be able to swim a short distance.
This is the first time I have seen anyone do a swim test without lifevest. Heard of another incident with Mary when teaching a bunch of future canoe polo players.
Well, I guess it makes sense. These people would be a liability to their team if they cannot swim.

During the lunch break, Cher got me to bring the kids to lunch and there were fights between 2 pairs of boys. Go to lunch also must fight.
There was this annoying boy, most likely a 小霸王 . Who pissed off another boy and got a punch in return.
Then another 2 NCC boys started grabbing each other and I had to pull them apart. All this while walking to the food center in full view of public. So paiseh.

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