Sunday, February 22, 2009

Different Methods

Coached a 1 Star course under Asian Detours today. This was my first time coaching for them and I have a feeling my teaching methods are quite different from theirs.

1st, the other instructor tried demonstrating a TX rescue to 18 students while they were not rafted up. On the 2nd try, the raft was so wide those at the ends could hardly see whats going on.

We split up after the demonstration and I took 9 kids with me. Unsure if they saw how the victim was supposed to re-enter the kayak, I did a demonstration again. I split them up into 3 groups and we started on the rescues.
My teaching style is to allow the kids to suffer a bit and experiment with what works instead of just telling them what to do from the start which would eliminate any authority on the rescuers part.
As you can guess, this might take some time...
Well, the other instructor managed to finish everything with her grp by the time I finished my first rotation.
The other instructor helped out with my group after she was done with hers. Perhaps with good intentions. But I felt it kinda messes things up and adds chaos. Especially when she just left her group hanging around.

I noticed the other instructor got the kids to demonstrate the skills one by one. I tried this once during my attachment and found that kids didnt like waiting for their turn to demonstrate the skill. Not only is it boring, it feels alot like school.

Maybe my teaching style is too casual and laidback. Its quite obvious I have a more lassier faire of coaching compared to most other coaches. Probably look like I couldnt care less. But I feel that it should be a chance for the kids to experiment. Most times the kids will tell me they cant do a TX rescue, but leave them alone long enough and they end up emptying the boat of water and performing the rescue.

Well, at the end of the day. Im glad the reluctant boy who didnt want to capsize and found 101 excuses to go back to shore had fun. And its also quite hard to forget the boy that cant stop singing and randomly spouting verses from songs like "baby, come back!"
So I guess there are some redeeming qualities about today.


Wolfie said...

It's good to read that you spend much time thinking about your teaching style! You're definitely on the right track. As you observed, kids like to play, have lots of activity time, and to experiment. If you can give them all that in your course, you'll get them hooked!

If you are interested, read about how PE lessons are evaluated, that'll get you thinking about how to make your lesson the most effective possible. Keep up the good effort!

Wanderlust said...

Will read up on PE lessons in my spare time. Thanks for the tip!