Thursday, January 15, 2009

Singapore Canoe Marathon 2009 Results

The SCF website is full of broken links. But you can download the results here

SCF finally released the results for the Singapore Canoe Marathon with adjustments made.
I missed a medal placing by 2minutes :( So close, yet so far.
But the timing of 1:29.35 is decent for a 14km paddle. Will just have to buck up.

Anyway, congrats to Sarah who came in 1st for the Women's T1 Novice category, Nizam and Jason for coming in 5th, Vincent and Alex for their 10th placing in the T2 Novice Mens category and Junsheng and Lex for coming in 9th for the K2 Novice Mens category.

The timing for this medal haul couldn't have been better. We've recently spoke to the Student Care Services manager who has agreed to get 6 kayaks for the team. More reason for them to get the boats now.

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