Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kokatat MsFit Tour

I've been using this PFD both for coaching and leisure trips. I am by no means a hardcore paddler and this PFD is more than sufficient for me needs.

The Kokatat MsFit Tour is actually meant for ladies, but it seems to be fairly popular with guys as well. The "Tour" version just seems to come with an additional pocket for a VHF radio. I don't carry one while paddling, so the pocket just holds my very important sun block.

Pockets are fairly small in this PFD but it is enough to hold a camera, phone and 2 granola bars. The many pockets make it great for neat freaks who like things organised and in a specific place. I personally prefer a single large pocket usually found on whitewater PFDs. But then again, this system keeps me organised.

I usually have a high angle stroke but I do switch to low angle paddling when gliding along with neophytes when I coach classes. The vest does seem to be fine with both angles and I don't feel like the Michelin Man.

Straps are a little fiddly and not as easy to adjust on my Astral LBD. However, it doesn't ride up at all, which is a definitely plus.


Sutrisno said...

Hi, where is a good place to get gear (specifically PFD, paddles and spray skirts) in Singapore?

Or would online stores get you a better deal?

Wanderlust said...

Best to get PFD and spray skirts online. You save quit a bit even with shipping.

Shipping costs too much for you to purchase paddles online.

I got a custom made one from Onno Paddles online. But its ultralight stuff that forgoes durability for weight. May not be what you want.

You can get name brand paddles from Kayakasia or Exponent Asia. For more basic ones you can try Billy of Tropical Fiberglass.