Monday, June 29, 2009

I hate red tape

As usual, many permits and paperwork is required if you want to paddle to certain places in Singapore. Its almost as if the authorities are trying to discourage any paddling outside of the confined reservoirs.

The SIM Canoeing Club is trying to organise a trip up the Singapore River. I've done it in the past and gone all the way to Clarke Quay. At that time you only needed to ask permission from PUB and have a powerboat escort.
However, PUB is now asking for acknowledgment emails from SDBA, NCC, SCF, PA, Waterways Watch Society, Singapore River Cruise, Duck Tours, Singapore Explorer, MINDEF, URA, Singapore Tourism Board and an endorsement from SCF.
On top of that, they are limiting us to the UOB Plaza. So basically, all these permits are required just to go pass the Anderson Bridge and Cavenagh Bridge. Pathetic.


Wolfie said...

It's sad. I think we can all just teach paddling in swimming pools and let people paddle in reservoirs.

Wanderlust said...

To top it off, NTUC Income is asking $700 for insurance coverage. They are comparing the trip to the Dragonboat festival race.

Btw, saw ur honeymoon pics. Come September, I'll be going to some of those places too!

Wolfie said...

Don't get too upset about it all la. If it's not fated to happen, forget it. Same with the situation at Changi; leave and let live la.

Just enjoy the paddling and living life to the fullest! Switzerland is such a great place, do enjoy it!